Newest discovery in ancient Greece city

View of newly discovered portico in Argilos in northern Greece

View of newly discovered portico in Argilos in northern Greece


In a recent excavation over the summer, Jacques Perreault, a Professor at the University of Montreal’s Centre of Classical Studies, made a new discovery to one of the Greece’s oldest and most ancient colonies. According to the article from the 2,700 year old portico was found in northern Greece, in the former ancient Greece colony Argilos.

This portico features an open space area that contains seven rooms and historians believe that the portico was built by the city of Argilos. Professor Perreault believes “Argilos is the oldest example to date from northern Greece and is truly unique”. We know that any discoveries regarding ancient cities are deemed to be rare discoveries. But what makes the discovery of this 2,700 year old portico so special?

Greece was a well-known and fairly popular destination for trade during the Early Ages. The ancient city of Argilos was located near a river (Strymon River) which made the city a hub for trading with other nearby colonies.  According to the article, the ancient city of Argilos went through a period of decline at a rapid rate. Eventually the city was conquered and went through a time when Argilos was “frozen in time”. For this reason the recent discovery of this portico is quite unique because it shows a lot about this ancient northern Greece city.

The discovery of this 2,700 year old portico provides historians with more information regarding of the earliest and wealthiest colonies to prosper in Greece. In addition this portico provides more information regarding the construction of early Greece cities. The findings can also lead to more answers regarding the characteristics of the early living people in Greece. Historical finding in this day in age are very valuable because there is still soo much to be discovered in regards to our ancient cities all around the world.  The finding of this 2,700 year old portico in northern Greece is a unique discovery that tells a lot about the landscape, architecture, and culture of Argilos.


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