The Power of the Tombs

It’s a tradition for many ancient history civilizations to show their respect for a once powerful leader or ruler by building magnificent world marvel tombs for these once all powerful leaders. Thus the opening of a recently discovered Etruscan tomb 50 miles north of Rome has opened the door to new possibilities regarding the Etruscan civilization. The article “Intact Etruscan tomb opened in Tarquinia” by Rossella Lorenzi ( provides insight behind this recently discovered Etruscan tomb.


The Etruscans were one of the first and earliest civilizations of what would later be the Roman Republic. Certainly the Etruscans had their fair share of power and wealth over the region of Rome from around 800-200 BC. The recently discovered tomb from the Etruscans gives historians some interesting and exciting information regarding the culture of the Etruscans.

Alessandro Mandolesi, from the University of Turin, is leading the excavation of this newly discovered tomb where the findings of ancient objects are a “unique discovery”. Inside of this tomb Mandolesi’s team found numerous ancient items including vases, jars, and the discovery of a fully complete skeleton of an individual. In addition it is believed that the body belonged to a member of the Tarquinia’s ruling family. A Queen’s tomb and the King’s tomb were found nearby and these finding of the tombs open up new possibilities about the history of the Etruscans.

Furthermore the marvel and beauty including the attention to detail add emphasis to the idea that you can find out a lot through the archaeology of something as pure as a tomb. This Etruscans tomb reveals that loyalty was important in Etruscan society as the tombs reflected the importance of a Queen and King in the ancient Etruscan city of Tarquinia.

The power of the tomb in regards to ancient history is without question one of the most magnificent finding possible because of the evidence that tombs provide the world about our ancient world.


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