The Current State of Pompeii

Construction workers work on the infamous ancient city of Pompeii still standing today in Rome

Construction workers work on the infamous ancient city of Pompeii still standing today in Rome

It is without a doubt one of the world’s most beautiful places to visit in today’s world full of eye popping places to visit. Italy is one of the world’s most marvelous countries in this world; however not many are aware of the magnificent ancient cities that once stood there. The Roman Empire is one of the world’s most successful and well-known empires to ever last in Europe. The city of Pompeii was a wealthy resort city of the Roman Empire that still remains standing today in Italy.

What makes this ancient Roman city soo unique? The city of Pompeii was wiped out and covered in ash from a nearby volcano in 79 A.D. (IUPUI). Many archeologists believe this once wealthy and prosperous Roman city represents a modern city structure like in today’s society. Pompeii had streets narrow and wide, two story buildings, and a city layout similar to cities in today’s world. Pompeii as seen in many images still stands in Italy today; however the city now faces a new problem.

Many ancient cities and structures around the world are well preserved due to their historic values. However; Pompeii has recently been undergoing a state of change. According to an article form the Los Angeles Times ( from ScoopIt! Pompeii is currently being restored by the Italian government. According to the article, one of the main reasons for the recent damage to Pompeii has been the lack of management around the property. In addition the heavy rains have put some ware on many of the buildings in Pompeii. The city of Pompeii has certainly endured damage over the years, whether it’s a massive volcanic eruption or the passing of several centuries.

It is important for the Italian government to continue to maintain the maintenance of this historic and marvelous ancient city. The current state of Pompeii is stable; however without enforcements the city of Pompeii could soon be just another space of land if not kept up. With nearly 2.4 million visitors a year, the Pompeii is still one of the world’s most marvelous ancient cities.

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2 thoughts on “The Current State of Pompeii

  1. I thought that you did a good job explaining something else about the city of Pompeii other than what we talked about in class. I also liked how you utilized an article from your scoopit page. Keep up the good work.

  2. I like your blog post; it is informational. I also like how your images are linked, and I think that is creative. You started talking about the volcanic eruption in 79 AD and its effects to Pompeii, but you ended your post with a positive one which Italian government are maintaining Pompeii and its historical structures. Nice blog!

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