Is a Drought to Blame for the End of a Civilization?

Nature plays an important part of our lives every single day. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat are all available because of the natural resources that this planet offers us. However, there are times when nature certainly can take a turn for the worse. Do you think a natural disaster such as a drought can wipe out an entire civilization?

Can a drought wipe out an entire area of land and end an entire civilization?

Can a drought wipe out an entire area of land and end an entire civilization?

According to the National Geographic, a recent study suggests that a drought may be the blame for the collapse of an entire civilization. According to the article by Roff Smith, a recent study done in the of bottom of the Sea of Galilee located in Israel shows that perhaps a drought may have wiped out several civilizations during the Bronze Age. Researchers tested pollen particles from several under water rocks in the Sea of Galilee and found that perhaps a drought may have ended the existence of many civilizations specifically during the time period from 1250 BCE to 1100 BCE.

The analysis from the study catches the eye of archaeologists because they have been trying to figure out if in fact a drought is the reason for the ending of several civilizations. According to the article, there are many mysteries as to why and how the world of the Bronze Age suddenly disappeared. Specifically the study found that many plants showed in fact a drought did occur for at least a period of 150 years. The study found that there was a huge decline in trees and other plants that were located in seas all around the Mediterranean.

If there was indeed a drought that brought the end of many ancient civilizations during the Bronze Age, this study certainly backs it up. The shortage of food, water, and natural supplies is what comes along with a drought. Evidence shows that indeed the possibility of a drought ending an entire civilization is possible. This leads us to question, can history repeat itself? Will another drought or other catastrophic natural disaster destroy an entire country in the thousands of years to come? The study in this article shows that a drought possibly ended one of ancient history’s most successful ages of ancient history.


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