1,400 Year Old Warrior Found

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You just never know what you can find in this world. As a historian there are thousands of unknowns and everyday historians find new treasures that solve unknown mysteries. It is not often that a normal human being will come across something from 1,400 years ago. The Japanese are known for having many successful warriors over the history of the country.

An article titled “Japanese archaeologists find 1,400 year old Kofun-period warrior still in armor” talks about a discovery of a Japanese warrior still in armor. This warrior was found underneath the ground at the Harunayama Futatsudake site in Japan. The theory is that a large volcanic eruption killed this warrior who was still in full armor. Because historical records of volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters thousands of years ago are soo rare, the finding of this Japanese warrior is unique.

According to the article, there have been over 600 warriors found and this is the first time that a warrior has been found wearing his suit. When archeologists discovered this warrior he was faced down facing the direction of the volcano. This discovery is interesting because it shows that warriors from the past also had to deal with such unexpected events such as a volcanic eruption.

This discovery only leads to more theories and predictions by historians because there are still many unknowns surrounding the foundation of our civilization that we live in today. Warriors as old as 1,400 years old or older are only a fragment to the rich history that surrounds our world today.


One thought on “1,400 Year Old Warrior Found

  1. The warrior found was probably one of the hierarchies. The fact that he was wearing his suit and the other 600 soldiers were not. You describe your topic that is engaging to your audience. Nice post!

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