How much loger will indigenous communities last?

(blog post 4)

Nature plays a very important role in the way that our world works, but what if climate takes turn a turn for the worse? There are many cities, civilizations, and societies that depend on good climate and natural resources. Ancient civilizations that lay on the edge of water or societies that depend on fresh water from lakes are all impacted  by the nature around us. One of the most oldest communities are those indigenous communities that lay all around the globe and hold rich amounts of history.

According to the article “How climate change impacts indigenous communities”, climate is having a devastating impact on our indigenous communities. The article goes into just how much of an impact climate is impacting many historic indigenous sites. The article talks about how indigenous communities have a deep connection with nature and thus that’s what makes them unique. Even more noteworthy indigenous cities have soo much history within them because they are the beginning of civilization , which eventually turned into large magnificent cities all around the face of this planet.

Although climate issues have been a major concern for tribes all around the world, the impact of climate change is being felt heavily. But what does the climate change have to do with the history of the world? Well with the number of indigenous cities losing its natural resources, the history and foundation of our society is slowly going away. This leads to the question, is our world ever changing? Will our current cities last forever, probably and most likely not.

No one knows how much longer many indigenous communities will last, but according to the article there are 556 federal reserved indigenous sites and slowly with the rapid changes in global warming, our history from these indigenous sites are in danger of being once forgotten.


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