Underground City Wonders

(blog post 3)

We have all heard of the phrase “the unknown world” or “the lost world”, but what about the idea of an Underground World. In fact there are such things are underground world’s that exist on today’s planet. How is it possible for their to be humans living hundreds of feet underground in their own “city”? Did humans from our past life their entire life’s underground and create their own “unknown world”?

Finding an underground city is rare within itself; however somewhere in the country of Turkey there has been proof that humans created cities underground. According to the article “The Intriguing Ancient Underground City of Derinkuyu” the underground city of Derinkuyu provides proof to archeologists that there indeed were underground cities. The underground cit of Derinkuyu lays in a unique area of Turkey.  How would an underground city look and how many can people can live in these underground cities are common questions that we all wonder.

According to the article, Derinkuyu consisted of 18 stories that led down below the earth. Yes, 18 stories underground, quite a far distance underground to walk into. In addition, shafts as long as 180 feet provided way for chapels, wine cellars, and even residence complex. Even more astonishing the article claims that up to nearly 20,000 people were able to live in one underground city. The article suggest that the city of Derinkuyu was a part of a much larger connection of underground cities.  However, according to historians there is no exact time period of the construction of the underground cities. Although underground cities existed, it is hard to imagine living in today’s  society under the earth even with the technological assets that out society is provided with.


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