Were there Animal Mummies?

(blog post 2)

There are many forms of representations whether if its through a form of writing, painting, statues, or language. Egypt has a very rich history and the Egyptian civilization has left behind numerous of representations throughout the years. One popular belief is the belief that mummies once were a part of Egypt. We all know that mummies are associated with Egypt. What about the thought of animal mummies?

According to the article “Animal Mummies Discovered at Ancient Egyptian Site” by Owen Jarus, animal mummies have been discovered in Egypt. Mummies are often found inside of temples all throughout Egypt. While it is not uncommon to discover mummies from important leaders of civilizations, finding mummies representing an animal can be quite a rare event. In any case, anything having to do with mummies is fascinating.

The article found that the specific animal that was found as a mummy was a dog. Now according to the article a dog was used and sacrificed in order to offer the dog to god. In addition,  the report found that one of the dogs had its legs fractured and they found that the dog was healed up before it was ultimately sacrificed to god. Whether the sacrificing of dogs was a religious gesture or a gesture of importance to a specific tomb, animal mummies are fascinating and not something that we think about when we hear the word “mummy”.

It is not known if there are other animals that were sacrificed as mummies; however the idea of other animals becoming mummies is certainly not out of one’s imagination.  The rich history of Egypt is unique because of its long list of very unique artifacts left behind including the large temples that currently lay in Egypt today.


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