World History 101

With history being an important element in our daily lives, learning about the history of this world where we live is important and can teach us a lot. Taking world history at Menlo College by Professor Kaatz gave me a different way at looking at history. When examining history it’s important to look at all aspects of what makes up history. Specifically when looking at our world’s ancient civilizations there are soo many aspects to review beginning with the basic foundations of a civilization.

Archeology can show us a lot and presents a lot to us through the way that a city is built and governed. For example, there are many history civilizations such as the Roman civilization that established successful trading and powerful empire for almost 500 years. This class showed me that I can learn a lot from examining the foundation of a civilization. Essentially I learned that I can apply this thinking to more than history but I can apply it to many things that we face in everyday life.

History 101 at Menlo College was a great class because it made me realize that there is a lot more to history than just the facts. You can examine findings from the past and relate it back to today’s current way of living including language, writing, and architecture. History has many findings still to come and the book of written history is still not written. This class was a good class and coming into it I didn’t expect to learn as much or have as much interest as I did. Blogging about interesting articles opened my eyes and gave me insight on the history of this world. Overall the foundation of this history class was very solid and I gained a lot of knowledge about world history and will continue to learn in world history 102. 


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