Blog 1 Assignment Themes

There are lots of interesting themes/topics to write about for World History II. Since the 1500’s all the way to the modern day period there are lots of historical events to write about. From looking at the list of topics the ones that caught my attention to me are technological innovations, war, and economics. These topics are very important to the makeup of society starting form the 1500’s.

We are still impacted as of today by all the technological innovations that were created hundreds of years before we were born. For example, the compass, watch, printing press, etc. are all important innovations that have shaped the world around us today. Meanwhile the importance of war is soo vital to the creations of our countries. War has not only impacted land disputes but it has also shaped religion; for example wars during the Reformation have erupted and impacted the mindset and culture of a society. Lastly, economics has changed constantly and is still changing in today’s world. Analyzing why a country decided to lean more towards a free market society is important and can help us understand why a country was either successful or not during a certain time period. Overall these three topics catch my attention because they are all very important to why history has played the role that it has over the past 600 years since the 1500’s.

I think that the religion topic has a lot to offer; however I think that topics such as economics and war have made more of an impact in many modern world civilizations since the 1500’s. Overall I am looking forward to this course project and learning more about how a war or a technological innovation has positively or negatively impacted a country.


One thought on “Blog 1 Assignment Themes

  1. Good job sharing the things that interest you. I am also fascinated about the technological innovations. It is interesting to know how people were so innovative in creating those technologies, and they affect us today big time.

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